Merry Christmas!

I spend the day like many catching up with family and friends, eating more than I should, drinking enough to make those resolutions in a few weeks stick, and overall relaxing and tuning out for a few days.

Speaking of tuning out, I was enjoying a bit of Pixies yesterday when their song Where is My Mind came up in my Spotify playlist. It takes me back to my Navy days in Connecticut. Spotify has this feature in the app that shows trivia about the song it plays. Up came the note about how lead Frank Black pulled inspiration for parts of the song while diving in Puerto Rico.

As I head into the year end, I am reminded of the need to just tune out, connect with family and friends, and do random stuff that can seem to have no connection to my end goal but provides the creative inspiration needed to get the outcomes. There is a case for periodic sabbaticals, much less vacations, a case I have not been disciplined at making for myself.

2018 is going to be a big year. I am taking things a bit slower for the next couple of weeks, and then heading to the US early January to take a pause and catch up with the folks. Not exactly swimming with the fish in Puerto Rico, but hoping for similar random inspiration to recharge and fuel an exciting New Year. I may even be able to answer the question as to “Where is my mind?”

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